1. Introduction and First Hike Post

I plan to use this blog to document quilts, knitting, and our hiking and other adventures. I am a slow quilter, so quilt posts will be less frequent, but I plan to update with our Hike(s) Of The Week every week.

Hikes of the Week

Coyote Wall    April 21, 2017      (hike #19 for 2017)

We hiked about 8 miles and 1700 feet total elevation on a beautiful blue day where we have hiked many times.  The balsam root were blooming, and we saw 48 different flowers, including the last of the grass widows and yellow bells in the uppermost areas, the first of the chocolate lilies starting to bloom under the oak trees, and large swathes of meadow speckled white with popcorn flowers.

Version 2

Looking north over Coyote Wall from the Little Moab trail.

Version 2 (1)

Looking south to Mt. Hood and the Columbia River

Version 2 (3)

Eastward view toward Catherine Creek and Tom McCall Point, with Balsam Root.

Camassia Natural Area           April 23, 2017         (#20)

On a rainy Sunday we took our chances that we would find a dry weather window, and drove to the Camassia Natural area, a Nature Conservancy property in West Linn.  This site is within view of the 205 freeway, but is a remarkably beautiful.  This was our first visit here.  We walked about 2 miles and saw the early blooming camas flowers, rosy plectritis, buttercups and blue eyed Marys.

Version 2 (6)

Camas fields

Version 2 (5)

Camas and rosy plectritis

I see I may have to adjust photo quality and other formatting issues going forward, but I am happy to have a first post done.