Late season snow (18-8)

More Snow in Portland      2/26/2018

Intermittent snow and rain all week. I went for several long walks in the neighborhood but no hiking adventures.


Quilting Progress:

Stitch in the ditch on the Jane Austen replica quilt.  I have finished the center sashing with an off-white 50 wt thread, and am working on the outside diamonds using the same diamond pattern and a navy 50 wt thread. I still haven’t decided what quilting design to use for the center medallion. And I am contemplating the binding choices. I would like to finish this quilt before we (hopefully) see the real Jane Austen quilt in England later this year.


Knitting Finish!

Bound off the Girl in the Neurosurgery Ward shawl (Girl From The Grocery Store by Joji Locatelli), and posted it as a Ravellenics WIPs Dancing project (Ravelry username knitwish).


And another win!

I won a copy of Margaret Goes Modern, a collection of quilting short stories, from the author, Frances O’Roark Dowell! Frances is one of my favorite quilting podcasters and a great storyteller. In  her podcast, The Off Kilter Quilt, Frances speaks about her quilts in progress, her writing projects (she is a successful children/young adult author, recently branching into quilt-inspired adult fiction), and her adventures in parenting and other life adventures.  I listen to many knitting and quilting podcasts, preferring the homegrown variety where the podcaster shares a bit of their own life, complaints or noncomplaints about the weather, jobs, traffic, etc, along with their creative endeavors.  From these podcasts I feel I get some “real” news about life in other parts of the world from the point of view of someone living there.  I am looking forward to reading this book!





A Painterly Mist (18-7)

Catherine Creek Arch Loop, WA        2/16/2018     (#7)

Sunshine and clouds, spring flowers and just enough misting rain to create wandering rainbows.


We walked the arch loop counterclockwise while noticing the latest spring flowers to emerge.  Purple grass widows sprinkled everywhere in the green, and the first parsleys – yellow, white and purple, as well as white saxigfrage, gold stars, pink prairie stars, and the whorls of green bitterroot foliage.


The bare oak trees around the arch stand out in a textured gray palette.



After crossing the bridge we sidestepped up the next hill to the fairyland ponds.


Constantly changing light created a sense of walking through a painting.


A short, easy hike and I feel I am slowly regaining stamina. 2.5 miles, 500 feet.


More rainbows and clouds driving through the gorge:


Quilting: Thread choices for the Jane Austen Quilt


Knitting: Girl in the Nuerosurgery Ward Shawl – Ravellenic WIP  Dancing.


Shawl with light dusting of snow

New socks: Berocco Sox yarn knit top down with a simple k7p1 leg, then a Strong Heel – a new to me technique. If it doesn’t fit I will rip back and go with a traditional heel flap.


First daffodils in my front yard.


Beacon Rock, Cooper Mountain, Hats, Flowers (18-6)

River to Rock Trail, Beacon Rock State Park, WA    2/10/2018   (#5)

From the switchback staircases on Beacon Rock we have looked down to see a dock on the Columbia River.


August 2015

Today we looked up at the ant-sized people climbing the Beacon Rock stairs from the dock. We walked to the dock from the Doetsch Ranch Trailhead. There are great views of Beacon Rock,


Beacon Rock boat dock


Beacon Rock from the boat dock


Beacon Rock, Table Mountain, Aldrich Butte


Stairs and switchbacks




and of the burnt trees along the ridge line on the Oregon side of the Gorge.


We had planned to continue up the River to Rock trail toward Beacon Rock, but they remove an all important bridge during the winter.


No bridge.


It is parked across the road.

After completing the loop around the former Doetsch Ranch area, we parked at the upper River to Rock trailhead and walked down to the viewpoints around Riddell Lake.



Riddell Lake



Closest view of the stairs and switchbacks.

Spring plants and natural history – the Missoula Floodwaters were 200 feet above the top of Beacon Rock!


Although I have been feeling well, like I turned a corner in stamina this week, I was glad to reach the top of the small hill back to the trailhead. Today was not the day to climb Beacon Rock, but it was great get a close view of its columnar structure from a new vantage.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 1.15.31 PM

3 miles/200 feet

Lookback:  Switchbacks and stairs on the Beacon Rock trail.


November 2013


November 2013


August 2015


August 2015


August 2015


August 2015

 Cooper Mountain Nature Park, OR    2/11/2018     (#6)

We walked the 2.8 mile loop with friends on a clear cold Sunday. Nice to continue stretching my legs, and the 300 feet elevation change was plenty. We enjoyed the view of the Tualatin Hills as we ate our lunch from a well placed bench on the overlook trail. There should be a good wildflower display here come spring.


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 1.13.12 PM

Cooper Mountain GPS track


I finished the second Sonic Six hat, easily winning at yarn chicken, and in good time for Valentines Day.


I cast on and finished a bulky weight Brassica hat, out of Collinette Prism yarn in the Fresco colorway. This is the last of the yarn I bought in Scotland last year.

Flowers in the neighborhood:

My yard:

Down the street:


First cherry trees blooming!




Chinese paper bush

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge (18-5)

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge Loop Trail   2/3/2018   (#4)

Continuing to take things slowly this week, we went for a 3 mile walk around Oaks Bottom in southeast Portland.  This is an easy trail between the river and the bluff that sees plenty of neighborhood walkers and runners. From the bluff side we could look across the lake and see the west hills and Oaks Amusement Park, with cyclists flying by on the Springwater Corridor.

Details along the Bluff Trail:

We later walked north on the Springwater Corridor path and looked back across the lake to the famous mausoleum with enormous wildlife mural painted on the side. We saw a few real birds in the water as well as some decoy/art installation blue herons.


Springwater corridor


Heron decoy in foreground

My longest walk so far – getting better all the time.


Meanwhile, I have been knitting

away on the Girl in the Neurosurgery Ward shawl – I have about half of the purple border to go.


I cast on a second Sonic Six hat using the remainder of the Total Eclipse yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts striped with some leftover grey sock yarn to extend the skein for the full hat.  Playing yarn chicken with this one.


And I finished the second of a continuing collection of cotton tortilla dishcloths. I gave away most of those I made last year, but still have scraps to use up.


The front yard crocuses were in full bloom today.