A Painterly Mist (18-7)

Catherine Creek Arch Loop, WA        2/16/2018     (#7)

Sunshine and clouds, spring flowers and just enough misting rain to create wandering rainbows.


We walked the arch loop counterclockwise while noticing the latest spring flowers to emerge.  Purple grass widows sprinkled everywhere in the green, and the first parsleys – yellow, white and purple, as well as white saxigfrage, gold stars, pink prairie stars, and the whorls of green bitterroot foliage.


The bare oak trees around the arch stand out in a textured gray palette.



After crossing the bridge we sidestepped up the next hill to the fairyland ponds.


Constantly changing light created a sense of walking through a painting.


A short, easy hike and I feel I am slowly regaining stamina. 2.5 miles, 500 feet.


More rainbows and clouds driving through the gorge:


Quilting: Thread choices for the Jane Austen Quilt


Knitting: Girl in the Nuerosurgery Ward Shawl – Ravellenic WIP  Dancing.


Shawl with light dusting of snow

New socks: Berocco Sox yarn knit top down with a simple k7p1 leg, then a Strong Heel – a new to me technique. If it doesn’t fit I will rip back and go with a traditional heel flap.


First daffodils in my front yard.


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