Welcome Blanket (18-31)


Welcome Quilt 8-31-2018

I read about the Welcome Blanket Project a couple of months ago, and decided to make a quilt to donate as a side project to the baby quilt I was making for an expected niece. The goal of the Welcome Blanket Project is to welcome refugees and immigrants to the United States with the gift of a blanket. The project requests 40 by 40 inch knit, crochet or sewn blankets. Many of the original blankets are based on knitted half square triangles, so I decided to use a half square triangle pattern in my quilt.

In past years I participated in internet-based fabric exchanges, both on Flickr and Ravelry, which resulted in a collection of 5 inch charm squares in a rainbow of colors, and a large variety of prints. Some of the fabric squares are lovely, some are not to my taste, but all are different.

I decided to try a technique of ‘making fabric’ by sewing the charms together in random strips, cutting the strips into narrower strips, then sewing the strips together, the result being a new chunk of fabric collage. I made this chunk of red/pink/purple fabric a few years ago, but then let it sit while I was waiting for inspiration as to what to do with it.


For this quilt I layered the ‘made fabric’ with a piece of white fabric and created half square triangles that I arranged in a star shape for the center of the quilt.


I needed to add about 8 inches to the star to bring the quilt to the 40 inch size as requested. After auditioning several border types, I added a thin purple border, then a scrappy piano key style border using more of the 5 inch charms, plus scraps from my scrap bins.


I wanted to include the word WELCOME somewhere on the quilt, so I sewed this  appliqué strip for the back of the quilt. The red backing fabric was leftover from making Raggedy Ann dolls for my kids when they were young. The batting was the other half of the strip I bought for the baby quilt.


Quilting and binding: I stitched triangular spirals in the center triangles, and straight lines in the border.  I had enough overlap from the backing to create a simple wraparound binding, so that is what I did, mitering the corners for stability.


I think the finished quilt is a perfect representative of the spirit of the WELCOME BLANKET PROJECT.  It is created from a medley of 5 inch charms from all over the world – some I like, some I don’t, but stitched together with scraps from my existing stash they work as a colorful vibrant fabric. I hope the family or individual who receives this quilt will enjoy looking at all the different fabrics that come together in this one textile made to provide both comfort and warmth to a newcomer.


Welcome Quilt

Tour de Craft, Week 3

The Tour de France ended with a new champion, Geraint Thomas, and lots of excitement in the Pyrenees and final time trial. My one finished craft project was the Welcome Quilt. I added a few more inches to my second Cornwall sock, though I haven’t turned the heel yet.


Cornwall Socks

I didn’t even go for a hike this week as the weather has been too hot and once again there is wildfire smoke creating haze. My sister is visiting, and we are up to our own adventures, and there will be more in the week to come.

Elk and Summit Meadows, Mt Hood, Oregon, and ‘Tour de Craft’ (18-29)

Elk Meadows trail  7/13/18 (Hike #41)

We started this hike on a hot day. The shade of the forest didn’t really take the edge off and my “condition” has been affecting me this week.


By the time we started up the eight long switchbacks, about a mile and a half into the hike, I realized I was never going to make it to the top of the hill. We decided to turn back. I had been hoping to see bog orchids and gentians, but I did see the mountain blue bells for the first time this year.


Lots of other flowers along the way:

Meanwhile, we braved the log crossing on the Newton Creek twice.


Here is a “real” cairn doing a cairn’s job – marking the trail to the log crossing.


Zooming in on Mt Hood’s Newton/Clark Glacier:


Today we only went 3.2 miles, 500 feet. Last year we made it all the way to Elk Meadows and saw all the flowers.

Summit Meadows

We stopped and poked around in this meadow off the Trillium Lake road on our way home. We have skied or snowshoed this road a few times,


November 2017

and always wondered what the meadows would look like in summer.


I think we are late for the bigger bloom, as the paintbrush were faded, but the pink spirea along the road were lovely.







I zoomed in on Mt Hood for a closeup view of the ski area above Timberline Lodge.


Tour de Craft

I have only dabbled in spinning, so can’t really participate in the Tour de Fleece, but I do love to watch the Tour de France – for the views of France, and the drama and the stunning athletic effort that goes into these races. We DVR the coverage, then watch/fast forward through in the evening while I knit or quilt.

I have made a lot of progress on my Welcome quilt – I was planning to whip it together quickly, but I keep getting new design ideas….but that is the point for me – to play with the fabrics till I am satisfied and have learned something new by trying something new. Fun.


And I finished the first Cornwall sock and cast on the second.