5. Cape Horn; Lewisia and Clarkia at Tracy Hill

Cape Horn    May 19, 2017    (#26)

We heard the larkspur might be blooming at Cape Horn, a hike near Washougal, Washington.  The trail is a loop, but this time of year the lower section is closed for peregrine falcon nesting.  We started in the middle, and hiked down to the waterfall overlook, then back up to Pioneer Point.  We did see some falcons flying below us.  The larkspur were blooming in the lower area near Hwy 14, but not in the upper trail near the Nancy Russell overlook yet – should be another week or so up there.  A beautiful day, and not too busy on the trail. (6.0/1200′)


Eastward view from the Nancy Russell overlook


Silverstar Mountain, with snow, looking north from near Pioneer Point

Tracy Hill  May 21, 2017  (#27)

Two years ago in February we hiked up Tracy Hill above Catherine Creek, and I noticed lots of Lewisia (bitterroot) foliage on the rocky patches as we made our way up the hill.  Knowing that the bitterroot is in full bloom now, I wanted to go back and see the handsome pink flowers along the trail.  The suite of wildflowers that bloom in the later, drier season were out, the green grasses and early blooms have faded and gone to seed, so the hills are less spring green, and more a blend of olive greens, browns, and pinks, in a lovely color wash.  The bitterroot were blooming, as expected, but more toward the end of the cycle, compared to two weeks ago, and we also saw a few pink slender Clarkia along the way.  Yellow monkey flower and purple lupine added pops of color to the landscape, and there were purple penstemon blooming along the cliff edge north of the arch.  It was hot (90 degrees) when we finished the hike.  This may be our last eastern gorge hike until fall. (6.0/1300′)


Bitterroot still in bloom



Looking south to Mt. Hood and the parking area

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