30. Coyote Wall, WA

Little Moab trail on a misty day.   Nov 6, 2017  (#53)


Monday was supposed to be clear in the eastern gorge after a rainy weekend, but the clouds did not move out until afternoon.  Fortunately, the misting rain at the Coyote Wall trailhead dried up about the time we got our boots on.  We walked the old road section, admiring the remains of fall colors, then wound our way up the cliffs of the Little Moab trail.


Dried flower seed heads in the grass,


lichen and moss on the rocks,


fog on the top of the wall,


all the views across the windless glassy Columbia River to the Mosier/Lyle/Rowena viewpoints.


‘Twas a good hike at Coyote Wall, with only a few other hikers and bikers sprinkled through our day.


4.6 miles/1300’

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.27.14 PM


We have hiked here many times – to see the first grass widows in February,


February 2015

the brilliant balsamroot in April,


April 2017


April 2017

the autumnal colors of fall, as we saw today, and snow in winter:


December 2015


December 2015

I am hoping someday the trail below the wall will reopen to hikers – it would be a lovely loop.

Knitting, spinning, quilting:

I have spun more singles and plied, skeined and washed my first practice yarn.


I cast on a Sonic Six hat with the tubular 1×1 rib cast on in Total Eclipse yarn and am enjoying knitting the slip stitch pattern.


I finished the fourth of the blue and purple washcloths.


I have sewn the first two rows of the Atmospheric River clamshell quilt – so far, so good.


29. Palmateer Point and Drop Spinning

Palmateer Point, Mt Hood       October 27, 2017      (#52)

When we were at Frog Lake Buttes in September, we saw the view of Mt Hood included a closer viewpoint at Palmateer Point.  We put that on our list for a future hike, and this late October fall day was perfect.  The hike starts at Barlow Pass, then proceeds south on the Pacific Crest Trail for 1.3 miles before heading east across Palmateer Creek to the rocky bald that is Palmateer Point.  There were landscape views that included the bright yellow triangular larches. Huckleberry and vine maple provide the reds and gold of autumn.   DSC09580DSC09583DSC09571DSC09626From the lunch spot at the top of Palmateer Point we identified the bright orange of Barlow Butte as another spot to put on our future hike list.


Approaching the top of Palmateer Point, with Mt Hood coming into view


Mt Hood and Barlow Butte


Mt Hood


Barlow Butte


Looking back toward Frog Lake Buttes

We circled around to the meadow called Devil’s Half Acre on our return trip.  The descent to the meadow on a steep hillside crossed by several small streams was really lovely and secluded. We will be back in spring to see the wildflowers in this meadow.



Devil’s Half Acre

Total mileage for the day – about 6.5 miles, 800 feet.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.52.02 PM

Jonsrud Viewpoint, Sandy, Oregon

We stopped on the way home to take in the view back to Mt Hood:


Drop Spinning

I took a drop spindle class at my local yarn shop, Twisted. I have long been fascinated with how it works as it looks like magic.  I’m glad to have a chance to try it – it is not that hard, but must take lots of practice to make a smooth, even yarn.  I don’t think I will take it up as an obsessive hobby, but I can see the appeal.


My first spinning