Colorful holidays, and a visit to Eugene

Christmas week, 2019

Various Christmas trees, lights, candles and sweets:

We drove to Eugene for a day to visit family and walk along the Willamette River.


Leaving Portland via the Macadam Bridge.


Dense fog in the Willamette Valley.


Sunny skies and lunch at the Public Market in Eugene.


View upriver from the Peter DeFazio Bridge.


Downstream view- a heron, and the Ferry Street Bridge.

Four of the twenty four American Nobel Peace Prize Laureates that are honored in the Peace Plaza at Alton Baker Park.


Downstream view from the Ferry Street Bridge.



I  finished the Rafa’s Hat for my son after he tried it on – thankfully it fit and he wore it for the rest of the day.


I unsuccessfully searched my button collection for buttons for the Meris cardigan.

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