A walk on the beach – Nehalem Bay, Oregon

Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon,   August 3, 2021

Too hot for hiking inland, we decided to drive out to the coast and walk the loop around Nehalem Bay spit.


The green line is our track – about 5 miles round trip.


Crossing the spit to the ocean beach.


View north to Neahkanie Mountain.


We are walking south, wind at our back, to the Nehalem Jetty.


Equestrians on the tidal bars.

Most of the birds we saw were near the jetty.

DSC08205 (1)

Nehalem Jetty


The rock jetty was also a catch for sand and drift wood.


Nehalem River north jetty


Looking across to the south jetty and shore.

We found a lunch spot on the jetty with a wind shelter. After lunch, we crossed to the inland shore of the spit, and walked north along the Nehalem River/Bay, with different views and shore features, and the added advantage of being less windy.


Mussels in the low tide zone.


Looking back seaward


Walking north along Nehalem Bay

Some of the marine life washed up in the low tide zone:

Continuing north along Nehalem Bay:



Looking for clams.



We enjoyed our day at the beach – fresh air, mountain and ocean views, a few birds.

On our return drive, we stopped at the highway overlook in Oswald West State Park, to look back at Nehalem Bay and the jetty. And to once again thank former Oregon governor, Oswald West, for claiming the beaches in Oregon as public land, in 1911.


Looking south from Oswald West overlook


Nehalem River Jetty

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