12/14/2021 Waiting for the winter solstice…

Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes near Vancouver Lake, WA

I had heard rumors, and we had a day with some sunshine amidst the weeks of rain…



Sandhill cranes and snow geese near Frenchman’s Bar


We found a couple of view points through the berms and fencing around the Columbia Land Trust cornfields where we could see the flocks of birds wintering there. We saw the cloud of white geese stir up, then settle.


Sandhill cranes were grazing near the cornfield, often flying in groups of three…


We were using our zoom lenses, far from the birds, but could hear the honking of the geese, and that special purring trill of the sand hill cranes. And were grateful to see and hear them!


New York Times notice today:

Image 12-16-21 at 5.29 PM

Image 12-17-21 at 1.01 PM

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