7. Hamilton Mountain and Hollywood Transit Center Memorial

Annual Wildflower hike up Hamilton Mountain   June 2, 2017   (#31)

We started our annual hike up Hamilton Mountain, looking forward to the wildflowers,  waterfalls and views.  There were clouds in the gorge, but the weather report predicted a sunny afternoon.


Hamilton Mountain from the power line cut on the lower trail. The lower cliff lookout is on the far left cliff.

After about a mile, Pool of the Winds and Rodney Falls are near the bridge that crosses Hardy Creek.


Pool of the Winds


Rodney Falls

This was our first time trying the side trail to what surely must be called Little Hamilton Mountain – a grassy open summit above the lower cliffs.  This lower summit has better views of the Columbia River than the actual top, which is covered by trees and bushes.  Also, it is a lovely meadow full of phlox, death camas, paintbrush and other flowers, and would by itself be a perfectly satisfactory destination if you didn’t mind the upper cliffs of the mountain looming over you, calling you up.


Dan in the cliff top meadow


View east to Bonneville Dam


View west to Beacon Rock and Larch Mountain


Upper cliffs looming

The upper cliff switchbacks once again had plenty of Columbia lewisia, one of my favorite flowers, and cousin to the bitterroot.


Columbia lewisia (pink) and Oregon sunshine (yellow) on the upper cliffs

We stopped briefly on the summit to see Table Mountain, Mt Adams in clouds and Mt Hood, but the black flies were biting.


Table Mountain, Mt. Adams


Mt. Hood

Lewisia also grows on the saddle beyond the summit, where we spent a bit of time after lunch.  We continued on through the beautiful and quiet forest on Don’s Cutoff Trail, where bright white Columbia wind flowers popped out of the shadows.


Columbia lewisia along the saddle; Mt. Hood in the distance


Hamilton Mountain and Dan

We had lovely views and lots of flowers – the most ever for a hike this year. The hike is about 8.5 miles and 2000 feet elevation.


Hollywood Transit Center Memorial    Sunday, June 4th

We payed a visit to the Hollywood transit center in our neighborhood of NE Portland to pay our respects to Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche who died, Micah Fletcher, who was wounded but is recovering, and the two young women who were harassed.  I brought five roses cut from our garden.  We spent some time reading the chalked words of tolerance, persistence, resistance, and love. Dan took this photo, which shows in pink chalk the last words of  Taliesin.


Hollywood Transit Center memorial, photo by Dan.



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