Lewisia and Clarkia on Hamilton Mountain, Washington

Hamilton Mountain trail, Beacon Rock State Park, Washington, June 14, 2019

We hiked to the top of the upper rocky switchbacks, looking for wildflowers.  I have previously hiked here earlier in the wildflower season – being slightly later meant getting to see both Lewisia and Clarkia in bloom. We had cloud cover most of the day, then Mt Hood peeked out as we began our descent. Hike #28 for 2019, 6 miles, 1500 feet.

Our destination:


Hamilton Mountain from the power line trail cut.

The waterfall area:


Pool of the Winds


Rodney Falls


Below the bridge


More woods:


Up the lower cliffs and out onto Little Hamilton Mountain viewpoint:



Hamilton Mountain still ahead.

Wildflower meadows in this area:


Drying out, but full of the Clarkia called Farewell to spring, and blue-eyed Mary.


Farewell To Spring

Farther up the trail, on the rocky upper switchbacks, Columbian Lewisia clings to the cliff edges.


Upper meadows with both Lewisia and a few Clarkias up on the slope, as well as bluehead gilia, Oregon sunshine, death camas and blue-eyed Mary:


We stopped near here at the top of the switchbacks for lunch. On the way down, Mt Hood peaked out from under the clouds.


More flowers of the day:

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