Saddle Mountain, Oregon, June 10, 2019

We have been up this trail many times.The profusion of wildflowers this time of year is always a draw. A combination of shadowy forest and rocky open slopes over 1600 feet of elevation change creates a myriad of habitats and bloom times. We saw at least 66 different types of blooming flowers. I’ve detailed our 2017 hike here. Some standout views for today:


Shady forest


View to the top


The knob


First view of the ocean beyond the knob


Steep chicken wire lined rocky trail up the cliffs


The saddle


Bistort, Mt Rainier


Flowers all the way to the top



View to Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens and Mt Adams from the summit


View to Astoria from the summit


Looking back to the sea and the summit on the return hike


Notable flowers:

This was hike #27 for 2019, 6.8 miles, 1900 feet.

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