24. Frog Lake Buttes, Mt Hood

Frog Lake Butte, Mt Hood, Oregon      9/24/2017     (#47) 

A beautiful sunny day with only a few people fishing at Frog Lake when we began our hike.


Views of Mt. Jefferson and red huckleberry bushes on the way up.


A bit of snow from last week at our view point of Mt Hood atop the butte.


A few asters and a million frogs in the meadow and around the lake shore on our return.  The frogs must have been sleeping this morning, but they were hopping all around my feet in a few areas.


2 cm frog on the rock




Looking back on the Frog Lake Buttes from the west side of the lake.


About 6 miles, 1500 feet.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.20.56 PM




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