26. The Perfect Fall Hike on Mt Hood

Mirror Lake and Tom, Dick & Harry Mountain, Mt. Hood     October 6, 2017    (#49)

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.33.54 PM

Sunny skies, shady forest, bright red huckleberry and vine maple on the scree slopes, reflections of Mt Hood in Mirror Lake, five cascade volcanoes in view at the top. Total distance 6.6 miles, 1500 feet.



Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier and Mt Adams to the north


Mt Jefferson to the south



We have hiked here in every season, including with micro spikes on on New Years Day 2014, a low snow year; and a failed snowshoe attempt in January of 2016, when the snow above the lake was too deep to find a safe trail.  Spring and summer flowers, brilliant fall color, fabulous views when not cloudy.  The trail is overly popular for good reason.

Comparison photos: 

Views from Mirror Lake to Mt. Hood:


September 27, 2010


January 1, 2014


January 8, 2016


November 4, 2016


October 6, 2017

Views to Mt Hood from the top of Tom Dick and Harry Mtn:


September 27, 2010


June 1, 2013


January 1, 2014


November 4, 2016


October 6, 2017

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