31. Sauvie Island: Looking for Sand Hill Cranes

Wapato Greenway Trail     November 11, 2017     (#54)

I felt lucky to use a brief dry weather window for a trip to Sauvie Island despite the cold in my head and a rainy weekend. We had heard there are sandhill cranes and snow geese, though many of the trails are closed for hunters. We saw and heard a few cranes off of Reeder Road, but a gunshot chased them away before we could get a good look.


From near the bird blind on Reeder Road

We saw another crane in a wet field on Sauvie island Road. We decided to walk the Wapato Greenway loop trail down to Multnomah Channel.




Virginia Lakes


Dock, Multnomah Channel


The highlight was a white egret in Virginia Lakes.



The egret is the tiny white speck in the foliage at left of center


Closer view of white egret in red foliage

We also saw Canada geese, smaller birds, a few hawks, lots of interesting foliage, clouds and reflections.

This was a new walk for us, but I am sure we will be back. 2.5 miles

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.31.51 PM

Since I didn’t get a any pictures of the Sand Hill Cranes at Sauvie Island, I am posting this photo from last March near Burns, Oregon.


Sand Hill Crane near Burns, Oregon, March 2017

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