Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, OR (18-33)

August 6, 2018

One last garden visit with my sister: We spent a morning strolling through this peaceful setting, a haven of tranquility surrounded by bustling Old Town in the heart of Portland. The Lan Su Garden, modeled after 16th century Suzhou-style Chinese gardens, was assembled by Chinese artisans in China and reassembled in Portland in 2000.

The entrance garden sets the tone –


We walked through the portal to the lily ponds beyond.


Blooming water lilies and colorful koi are visually captivating.

Paths through the garden wend through outdoor rooms and intricately carved and ornamented buildings.

An art exhibit displayed exotic and ordinary biota fashioned from clay.

In another room, we drew fortune sticks, and then found our numbered fortunes in a drawer.


My hard working teacher sister had number 6. I am lucky to be her sister, and lucky about many other things, so I felt good about pulling number 38.

Another path leads by a waterfall grotto and views of a different kind of blooming lotus:



The paths are made of patterned stone – each stone carefully placed. Some remind me of quilting patterns.


Windows are also patterned beautifully.


We stopped in the tea room for some delicious iced tea and almond cookies.


Tea room


View from the tea room, city rooftops beyond the garden

Back in the entrance way for a parting view, including the dragon fish on the roof.


Afterward, we paid a short visit to nearby Powell’s City of Books – she found a title she was looking for, and I saw this beautifully covered collection of science and  math books.



I have turned the heel on my second Cornwall sock and so am racing toward the toe and contemplating what to knit next…


My daughter returned to college in Ohio, leaving me one of her latest creations as a  parting gift.


James, the sock monkey

Once again no hike this week – we were trying for Burnt Lake on Friday, but it was sooo hot, and the air still smoky, and many dominoes fell out of place so we abandoned that trip. It might be a good fall hike.


One of the new bowls I bought for my birthday.

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