A quiet week with a visit to the frogpond…

Some rain, helping someone move, house painting, future trip planning, but no actual hiking this week.


A new home 


A late birthday present

Reverse knitting during La Vuelta de Espana:

Last year I knit a long loose vest, but it doesn’t fit or hang well, so I decided to ‘frog’ it during La Vuelta de Espana. The Vuelta is the three week bicycle stage race through Spain, one of the three European grand tours. People spin for The Tour de France, and I chose this for my project as we review the coverage of the Vuelta each evening. The mountains of Spain look amazing, and once again, the cyclists are incredible.


Farewell, Ivy Cardigan


Unravelling (frogging), and reskeining;


Drying the skeins after a good soak to remove the kinks;


Reskeined, ready to knit again.


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