Back to the sky/some sewing

8/31/2019 Cloud Cap/Timberline Trail High Point

We returned with friends to this same trail near Cooper Spur on Mt Hood that we hiked in July. Fewer flowers, less snow, still the sky, the swirling cloud cap, the views afar, the plans formulating to complete the Timberline Trail loop someday. Hike #42, 6 miles, 1650 feet.


Once attaining the crest of the East Eliot Moraine, the Washington Cascade Peaks are on view to the north,


and Mt Hood is ahead to the west.


Low growing buckwheat, lupine and yarrow.


Later in the day, clouds forming on the mountain, knotweed in the foreground showing fall colors already.


My hiking companions resting near the Timberline Trail high point.


And, almost back to the trailhead, high desert beyond.

Lookback: A couple of photos comparing snow levels with mid-July:


View up the Eliot today, 8/31/2019.


View up the Eliot seven weeks ago, July 12, 2019


View to the south, toward Lamberson Butte and the Timberline Trail crossings, today.


Similar view seven weeks ago.

Some sewing


Two pairs of sleep shorts.

And a random Portlandia street art scene:






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