Spring creeping in…. (18-10)

Powell Butte Nature Park          March 10, 2018         (#9)

Rainy week, sun on the weekend, warming trend. On Friday we hiked up this volcanic butte from the 148th Avenue trailhead. Excellent signage at the top explains the history and function of the butte as the main storage reservoirs of the entire Portland water system.


Water distribution schematic


Display of pipes that deliver our water, framing Silver Star Mountain

Cloudy skies so the Cascade peaks were not in view, but the sun was shining to the north on Silver Star Mountain and friends in Washington.


Silver Star Mountain


Old orchard on the top of Powell Butte


Crows in the orchard

We circled back through Douglas fir and cedar forests.  A few early wildflowers were spotted.

The Elderberry Trail stairs allow a quick descent.


A good close in walk, about 4.2 miles/500 feet.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 6.32.51 PM


The Jane Austen quilt is all done except the label and some good photos – hopefully by next week. DSC01346

In my garden:


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