Weldon Wagon Road (18-12)

Weldon Wagon Road trail     3-25-2018      (#12)

Early flowers were out  along this trail through the oak woodlands and open slopes in southwest Washington above the White Salmon River near Husum. This was my most elevation gained so far as I recover (4.5 miles/1300 foot rise), and I felt good. Progress!


Lower trail through oak woodlands


Views to the open slopes ahead.


A seat with a view at the halfway point

Last spring,  the exposed upper slopes were a bright green and yellow balsam root meadow. Today we saw just one plant blooming along the trail,


and otherwise, the meadows and woodlands were still waking up, sprinkled with grass widows, buttercups, a few prairie stars, toothwort, yellow bells, blue eyed Mary, and Columbia Desert Parsley.


Heading down in the afternoon

LOOKBACK: to May 2017 when the balsam root was in bloom-


May 2017


May 2017


Another scrappy tortilla washcloth for the 2018 stack:


I reknit the toes of the socks I finished last week so that the stripes would match.

Elgol Cross Stitch update

I have been filling in the foreground with shadows and light – mostly pinks:

Cross stitch depicting the view from Elgol on the Isle of Skye.

Blooming in the garden


Tulips opening




Shadows on a neighborhood stair


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