Cloud Cap and Timberline Trail, Mt Hood, Oregon (18-37)

Eliot East Moraine and Timberline Trail High Point     8/31/18       (Hike#46)

We have hiked here a few times. This is our first time taking the Eliot East Moraine trail along the crest of the moraine.


Once up the steep sandy ascent to the crest of the moraine, there is a fabulous view to the Eliot Glacier, and the glacial valley below, the entire way to the Cloud Cap Shelter.


Mt Hood and the Eliot Glacier



Looking east to the high desert

I enjoy zooming in on the textures, crevasses, and steep edges of the Eliot Glacier and the rocky exposed top of Mt Hood in late summer.


The moraine trail joins the Timberline Trail near Cloud Cap Shelter:


Approaching Cloud Cap Shelter.


Cloud Cap Shelter; Cooper Spur and Mt Hood beyond.

After visiting the Cloud Cap Shelter we continued south on the Timberline trail, up and down the wrinkles of the mountains’ flank, to the 7300’ high point of the trail. Clouds intermittently floated across the top of Mt Hood. We could see the faraway peaks of Mt Adams, Rainier and Jefferson above the blanket of clouds in the distance.



The only snowfield we crossed this year.


North view to Mts Rainier and Adams


South view to Mt Jefferson, Lamberson Butte and the Timberline Trail continuing south.

By the time we retraced our steps north, the clouds had diminished.


Cloud Cap Shelter again.


The high desert beyond the clouds

We saw a marmot on the Eliot Moraine, and a blue bird on the Timberline Trail.




blue bird on the rock, Mt Adams beyond


Not many flowers.

The rusty, red and yellow fall hues are beginning to color the vegetation on the rocky alpine slopes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.33.42 PM

6 miles, 1600 feet.


I like to review my photos from previous hikes to compare conditions. There was a lot more snow during our hike a month earlier last year.


Mt Hood from Timberline trail, August 31, 2018


Mt Hood from Timberline trail, July 28, 2017

And a lot more flowers, and a better view of the distant mountains last year.


August 31, 2018


July 28, 2017 – lupine, Mt St Helens, Rainier and Adams


I cast on another round washcloth, and I have been swatching the Song yarn, trying decide what to make with it.


We walked through the Art In The Pearl street fair on Labor Day and admired the beautiful artwork. This piece, by artist Kathy Ross, I found especially inspiring.

Kathy Ross, Art In The Pearl, 9/18

Kathy Ross, artist, Art in the Pearl, Portland, Oregon, September 2018


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