A Crisp Fall Day at Catherine Creek, WA (18-48)

Catherine Creek Arch Trail, October 27, 2018  (#59)

We walked a loop above the arch and part way up Tracy Hill, then dropped down into the oak and big leaf maple-lined canyon in front of the arch. Windless day, river like glass, slanting sun through the clouds enhancing the fall colors.


First stop near the trail head – looking across the Columbia River to the fruit orchards east of Mosier, Oregon.


Our path along the far side of the canyon.


Walking upward toward Tracy Hill.


Looking over dry flower heads back to the river.


Lunch view from the knob just north of the arch.


Lunch view to the eastern gorge, Rowena Plateau and Memaloose Island.


From our high point on Tracy Hill the lowest shoulders of Mt Hood can be seen under the clouds.


Heading down to Catherine Creek.



Orange oak trees, yellow big leaf maple trees.

DSC00048 (1)

The pinnacles of Catherine Creek.


We walk by the Arch….DSC00058DSC00062DSC00065

And continue our way back to the trail head, feeling refreshed, before heading back to the rest of our rainy weekend in Portland. 3 miles, 600 feet.


On our way to the hike today, we stopped at the Women’s Forum Viewpoint on the Historical Columbia River Highway to look at the view of Vista House, Beacon Rock and beyond.




The back and one and a half front panels of the Ivy Cardigan.

Fall Colors at Home

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