Back on the Trail – Grass Widows, Bald Eagles and Osage Oranges (18-4)

This has mostly been a recovery week – taking things very slowly, and with awareness to my limitations. I have been able to walk more, drive the slow back way, and gradually increase all my activities.

Catherine Creek Trail, WA   1/28/2018      (#3)

I saved my weekend energy for a walk on one of the easiest trails – the Universal Access  trail at Catherine Creek just east of Hood River along the Columbia River. We often include this trail as a quick stop on our hiking trips to see the latest blooms.  Today at my slow pace I appreciated the paved surface and benches along the way, the small details and micro landscapes. Grass widows are beginning to bloom.



View to the west, labyrinth waterfall in the distance


Lookback: A couple of pictures with snow, and with more flowers:





Balfour-Klickitat Eagles

We also stopped at the Balfour-Klickitat trail near Lyle, WA to look for bald eagles in their nesting area. We saw about a dozen, mostly juveniles, perched in the trees around the pond, and taking occasional practice flights.


White spots are bald eagles


Another highlight of this location are the Osage oranges, at this point, mostly lying on the ground in colorful curious piles. Signage explains that the fruit is inedible, but that the thorny dense foliage was used as a natural fencing material by settlers in the west in the 1800’s.



Lookback : A couple of pictures from snowier days:


12/28/2015    Six eagles


12/30/2016   Osage oranges

Knitting and quilting

Progress on the Girl in the Neurosurgery Ward Shawl:


My sister sent me a bouquet of fabric as a get well gift – a beautiful rainbow of batiks that will fit beautifully into my collection for my rainbow themed quilts in planning stages.


And the first crocus peaked up in my front yard:


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