Tamawanas Falls, OR

November 10, 2019

I returned to this popular trail on the east side of Mt Hood with some trepidation, and conquered my fear. The last time I was here, in January of 2016, on snowshoes, my husband slipped over a cornice edge on the trail. He was rescued by some passing snowshoers, but then one of the rescuers slipped all the way down to the riverbank, and had to be rescued by Search and Rescue. I have avoided the trail ever since, even though it is not hazardous when snow free. I do love this trail – I saw my first Columbia Windflowers here one spring, and have enjoyed the hike many times. This day we were late for full fall colors, but saw yellow larches amid the evergreens.  (Hike#52, 5 miles, 800 feet)


East Fork of Hood River, near the trailhead.


First view of Tamanawas Falls.



Lunch view, from the island in Cold Spring Creek at the base of the falls.


We explored a bit higher on side trail to Elk Meadows, and have plans to go farther in the future.



Yellow larches.


Mt Hood from Highway 35 in the afternoon.



I finished the Spiral Cowl, and this biography of Edith Nesbit, a favorite children’s author.

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